I am trying to update the product quantity using postman. But i am getting the following errors

{ "message": "Consumer is not authorized to access %resources", "parameters": { "resources": "Magento_CatalogInventory::cataloginventory" } }

Please see the following screenshots

enter image description here

enter image description here

I am missing something ?

I have seen this documentation https://devdocs.magento.com/swagger/#/catalogInventoryStockRegistryV1/catalogInventoryStockRegistryV1UpdateStockItemBySkuPut

But when I put Pre request I am getting following errors. Please help

enter image description here


You can use bearer token for this case.

  1. Go to System >> Extensions >> Integration , create New Integration and make sure provide privilege Magento_CatalogInventory in tab API - Resource Access. After creating integration successfully, you copy "access token" in "Integration Details" Section. enter image description here

  2. Paste "access token" into header "Authorization" in postman or type Authorization Bearer token in Header directly enter image description here

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