I added a range price slider to my product checkout. Now adding the product works fine. So basically I have a Select input where it contains a dropdown of the price value but I hidden it and made the Range slider to be visible. Below is the code I have for the HTML

This is the code of my HTML

<div class="field required">
        <label class="label" for="amgiftcard_amount">
            <span><?= __('Card Value in %1', $_currencyShortName); ?></span>
        <div class="control">

             <select style="display: none;" id="am_giftcard_amount" name="am_giftcard_amount" class="required-entry" data-amgiftcard-js="amgiftcard-amount">
                  <option value=""><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Choose an Amount...')); ?></option>
                    // an array of prices
                   $listAmounts = $block->getListAmounts();
                   $selectedAmount = $block->getDefaultAmount();
                   foreach ($listAmounts as $_amount) : ?>
                        <option data-value="<?= $block->convertPrice($_amount); ?>"
                                value="<?= $block->convertPrice($_amount) ; ?>"
                               <?php if ($selectedAmount === $_amount) : ?> selected<?php endif; ?>><?= $block->getFormatPrice($_amount); ?></option>
                  <?php endforeach; ?>
                  <?php if ($_product->getAmAllowOpenAmount()) : ?>
                      <option value="custom"><?= $block->escapeHtml(__('Custom Amount')); ?></option>
                  <?php endif; ?>
                $numberOfSteps = count($listAmounts)  - 1;
            <div class="slidecontainer">
                <input name="am_giftcard_amount_slider" id="am_giftcard_amount_slider" type="range" min="0" value="0" max="<?php echo $numberOfSteps; ?>" step="1" class="gg-slider">
                 <div class="price-range-labels">
                    <label><?= __('%1%2',$_currencySymbol,$listAmounts[0]); ?></label>
                    <label><?= __('%1%2',$_currencySymbol,end($listAmounts)); ?></label>

And this is the JS

var sliderInput = document.getElementById('am_giftcard_amount_slider');
var sliderValues = <?php echo json_encode($listAmounts); ?>;
sliderInput.oninput = function(){

Now when I try to edit the product content again then click on submit I get a JS error as shown below Please enter a value between NaN and NaN.

enter image description here

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