I'm in the process of migration Magento 1.9 CE to 2.3.5 Commerce and have a custom category attribute that contains HTML code.

As I'd like to use the PageBuilder for this attribute in Magento2, I would like to transform the values while migrating (into PageBuilder syntax with 1 HTML-element).

The current status is that I can migrate this attribute, and I also have the ui components set up to show the PageBuilder in the backend.

However, the initial value from Magento1 in catalog_category_entity_text looks (naturally) a bit different from the values that get saved when editing the category. This means that either the frontend looks different for some categories, or that I have to save each category manually to achieve a unified design.

I looked over the handlers of the data migration tool, and didn't find one that suits my purpose.

Do I have to implement this myself (insights where to start appreciated), or do I miss anything?

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