I placed order using magento graphQL api, order placed successfully and listed in my orders section in website. I placed order of 1 product. In website's order detail page it displaying 1 item ordered. But when I fetch order items data using rest api rest/default/V1/orders/000000004, it gives me 2 item ordered.

I think there may be something naming issue, because I ordered,

product name : Portia Capri
size : 29
color : Green

Now, when I fetch ordered items data using rest api it returning 2 items which includes Portia Capri and Portia Capri-29-Green.

Please anyone can help me how to get only ordered item ?

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When place order configurable product then magento create 2 entry sales_order_item

Check this Query

SELECT * FROM `sales_order_item` WHERE `order_id` = 'your_order_id'

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