I am facing below an error in browser console log while installing magento 2.3.4 p2 version in localhost. PHP version is 7.1.10. Please check below error and attached screenshot below.

angular.js:533 TypeError: Cannot read property 'modules' of undefined
        at Object.$state.loadModules (customize-your-store.js:79)
        at m.$scope.checkModuleConstraints (customize-your-store.js:46)
        at fn (eval at compile (angular.js:19141), <anonymous>:4:186)
        at e (angular.js:19141)
        at m.$eval (angular.js:8794)
        at m.$apply (angular.js:8811)
        at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (angular.js:19141)
        at jg (angular.js:4598)
        at HTMLButtonElement.d (angular.js:4512)

enter image description here

If any idea, please guide me. Thanks in Advance !!.

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I resolved this error by removing Security malware softwares from my browser and just reload browser by controls Ctrls Shift R.

And second thing is angular.js stores data in browser local storage while installations process, and if it is not stores it then this issue might be occured.

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