Catalog Rule Product, it always shows as working and and 735 in backlog

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Tried these but didn't work for me:

  • Reindexing
  • Changed state to "Update on Save" then revert back to scheduled
  • Wait for a day to reindex using magento cron

You need to do the following stuff:

First You need to change the mode of indexing to Update on Save by using this command

php bin/magento indexer:set-mode realtime

After that you need to reset the indexing

php bin/magento indexer:reset

After that truncate _cl tables related to your issue occuring indexing

After that reindex the indexing

php bin/magento indexer:reindex 

Finally you need to change the mode of indexing to Update by Schedule

php bin/magento indexer:set-mode schedule

I hope it may help you in empty the backlog of indexing

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  • Will surely try this. Thanks – Shoaib Munir Sep 2 at 10:50
  • worked perfectly. Thanks :) – Shoaib Munir Sep 2 at 11:05

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