I'm getting this error on running php bin/magento setup:upgrade -vvv

Schema creation/updates: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'farouni_mage255.mg0f__moulay' doesn't exist, query was: SHOW CREATE TABLE mg0f__moulay

I have no idea which module is causing this, I've searched the source code for "moulay" but not found it so it is some sort of variable being used, any idea how to get Magento 2 to report back where it is getting this table creation code from like which module is causing this error, and even better which file?

  • I guess mg0f is a table prefix you set if you've not searched for it. I don't recognise the name at all so it's not from a core module or bundled partner extension. That means you need to look at any third party/custom modules you have installed. It may be bundled with a theme if you've purchased one for some reason. You want to look the the code in the files in any setup folder and follow down the rabbit hole. Do google the table name too. – Mark Rees Sep 1 '20 at 18:35

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