When I put the panel in Spanish the filters stop working:

enter image description here

Why can this be? And how can I fix it?

Thank you so much!!

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The problem is only with the date filters, and this happens due to the format of the dates, because:

Spanish: June 1, 2020 -> 01/06/2020

English: June 1, 2020 -> 06/01/2020

And magento always filters with the English format, even if the panel is in Spanish. How can I change the format of the filter? or How can I change the format of the calendar to use ever english format?


To solve this problem go to:


And replace in function convertDate:

$dateObj = $this->localeDate->date( new \DateTime( $date, new \DateTimeZone($this->localeDate->getConfigTimezone()) ), $this->getLocale(), true );


$dateObj = $this->localeDate->date($date, $this->getLocale(), true);

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