I created a custom module and its gives a error "fatal error: bms_class_helper_data not found " after that i removed the complete module, layout file and data enabler file and database, but still it is displaying a same error, why the error still displaying, even i cleared the cache also. and in AWS server instance screen shot it is showing out of memory : kill process or sacrifice child what may be the problem

enter image description here

And Cache files are not storing in /var/cache folder, in testing same error occur, i removed cache manually from /var/cache and its woking fine, but in live cache files are not storing in /var/cache folder

  • Can you provide helper/data.php file code and where it is used as helper file? – Mayur Sisodiya Aug 28 at 9:57
  • But i removed the entire module, layout file, database, module enabler all the files i removed, but still the error is displaying – vinaysirige Aug 29 at 11:02

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