I fill billing information form and click on continue but dosn't work. In firebug Response: "OK
Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'CHARS_PASSWORD_LOWERS' in .../app/code/core/Mage/Customer/Model/Customer.php on line 381


If you look in the file specified in the error you will find this:

$chars = Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_LOWERS
         . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_UPPERS
         . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_DIGITS
         . Mage_Core_Helper_Data::CHARS_PASSWORD_SPECIALS; 

You get the error because for some reason in the class Mage_Core_Helper_Data there is (at least) one constant missing.
The following lines should be in the Mage_Core_Helper_Data:

const CHARS_SPECIALS                        = '!$*+-.=?@^_|~';
const CHARS_PASSWORD_LOWERS                 = 'abcdefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyz';
const CHARS_PASSWORD_DIGITS                 = '23456789';
const CHARS_PASSWORD_SPECIALS               = '!$*-.=?@_'; 

Check this file app/code/core/Mage/Core/Helper/Data.php.
There is also the possibility that the class was copied to the local folder and modified there, or it was copied before an upgrade. Check app/code/local/Mage/Core/Helper/Data.php

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