I am working on a custom module where I need to show my discount in cart totals. I am following Classyllama and Turnkey blog posts in order to achieve the same.

I have come to a point where my custom discount is shown in cart totals block. But that is not ajax based. User have to click on a submit button and then only I can see by block being added in cart totals.

What I need to do now is when I click on a checkbox, it should call my controller and after some processing show my block added in cart totals without page reload, as shown below.

enter image description here

function updateCreditPoints()
    var amount = $('discount_amount').value;

    new Ajax.Request("<?php echo $myFormAction?>", {
           method: 'post',
           postBody: "discount="+$('discount_amount').value,
           onComplete: function(data) {
                //somecontainer to update

If checkbox is selected, then container should show the discount block else it should not.

I am unable to find what code should be written in controller action to show my discount block on ajax request.

Please Help.


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    post the code of the controller or specifically of this form action. – MTM Aug 25 '14 at 13:23