Magento 2.3.3

New relic is showing that 2 items are causing slow page loads:

Magento\Framework\Config\Dom::_getMatchedNode  (8 seconds)
Magento\Framework\Config\Dom::_mergeNode  (6 seconds)

I'm trying to debug this but I'm not sure what is causing this.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on or why these methods might be causing issues? (or what these methods are actually doing)

I have disabled ALL 3rd party modules so I only have core Magento modules running. But still the same.



Looks like you disable caches for configuration. Magento\Framework\Config\Dom class responsible for read and merge Magento Configuration in XML format.

You can use bin/magento cache:status to verify status of caches and bin/magento cache:enable to enable it

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