I have a background image for the cart items totals on the homepage in the header and the quatity is display as a number in the middle of this image. It is an image of a bag in a gold color. I am using css for this background image. I would like it to turn green when the quantity in the cart is 1 or above. What I am wondering is how I can change the background image to another one when an item is added to the cart?

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Set a class based on whether the cart contains any items. For example:

<?php $class = $this->getSummaryCount() > 0 ? 'cart-with-items' : 'empty-cart' ?>
<div id="cart-header-block" class="<?php echo $class ?>">

Then create two different CSS rules - one for each possible state:

.empty-cart { background-image: url('gold.png'); }
.cart-with-items { background-image: url('green.png'); }
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