I have faced lot issue based on this extension, i can't able to remove by using following cmd,

composer remove Temando_Shipping

Now i just disabled, how to remove properly?


Temando_Shipping is a normal module in Magento 2.x

However, its problem is that it does install some product attributes in the database.

So besides, the common procedures to remove a module:

composer remove <module>

This specific module requires you to run the following query:

delete from eav_attribute where source_model like '%Temand%';

Looking at the database, it looks like the tables:

| temando_checkout_address                                |
| temando_collection_point_search                         |
| temando_order                                           |
| temando_order_collection_point                          |
| temando_order_pickup_location                           |
| temando_pickup_location_search                          |
| temando_quote_collection_point                          |
| temando_quote_pickup_location                           |
| temando_shipment                                        |

may be good to remove. However, I have never removed them and had my site fine with them. If you do remove the, do make a backup and update us somehow, thanks.

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