I have a custom form in my checkout page in the area shippingAddress at before-form. I am using the event checkout_onepage_controller_success_action, but $this->_request->getPost(); does not give me any data. It returns an empty array. Can anyone suggest how data can be saved into a new table from checkout form.

  • How you added that form? And where you want to that data? Aug 18 '20 at 5:26
  • yes I have added that form in shippingAddress area in checkout_index_index in my custom module. I am using the even checkout_onepage_controller_success_action to get the data from the form and save it in a new table. In the observer I have used $orderIds = $observer->getEvent()->getOrderIds(); $orderId = $orderIds[0]; $data = $this->request->getPost(); But this does not give me the post data from the new form. The array is empty in fact.
    – user86916
    Aug 18 '20 at 5:58

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