For an SKU, I have multiple images. Every time I change something related to the SKU, I do a PUT. But before that I also DELETE the images using in a loop


Only the first image is getting deleted in this way.

For others the API is giving me "Product cannot be saved... " and does not delete.

So what is the best way to DELETE (all the images) and then POST new images. I PUT the product and then POST the images. Is this correct? Will there be any caching issues?

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You can delete all images by POSTing the product with an empty media_gallery_entries key:

{"sku": sku, "media_gallery_entries": []}

You can add new ones by using the same call with a non-empty media_gallery_entries key:

{"sku": sku, "media_gallery_entries": [...]}
  • Thank you @bfontaine.This is what I ended up doing.
    – Scorpy47
    Commented Feb 8, 2021 at 23:19

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