When we go to this product on this website the loading gif never goes away and lock the page: https://www.rodin.no/catalog/product/view/id/178106/s/thule-7206-7215b-7214b-186046/category/1695/

This is the same product on another website, but no issue there. https://takrails.no/thule-7206-7215b-7214b-186046.html

Anyone that know why this is happening?

Any help is appreciated


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The console says that it's an issue with the pricing.

I'd suggest removing var/view-preprocessed and var/page_cache, then running setup:upgrade, setup:di:compile, and setup:static-content:deploy

Then clearing all caches

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    Thanks for the help mate, worked like a charm. Don't know how i could over look that :p Aug 24, 2020 at 20:18

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