Hi I am having multi website, I want to remove entire footer from website id 3. here is my xml file


here added the code.

  <referenceContainer name="footer-container" remove="true" />

This is removing footer from all websites. How to make it for only website Id 3. Can I Get help? Thank you in advance

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You can use this below process:

Create a unique layout handle for that website only. Like website_3 and use the observer event layout_load_before

Observer code

class LayoutLoadBefore implements \Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface {

     * @var \Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface
    private $storeManager;

    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface $storeManager
    ) {
        $this->storeManager = $storeManager;

    public function execute(\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer)
       if ($this->storeManager->getStore()->getWebsiteId() == 3) {
           $layout = $observer->getEvent()->getLayout();

           $handlecode ='website_'.$this->storeManager->getStore()->getWebsiteId();

        return $this;


Layout code for that file

app/code/{Vendorname}/{Module Name}/view/frontend/layout/website_3.xml

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">
        <referenceContainer name="footer-container" remove="true" />
  • this is working like charm. Thank you so much for answer @Ritesh Santra Commented Aug 11, 2020 at 7:18

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