I'm trying to add a new column to orders grid; shipping_description in sales_order table, i can use instead, shipping_information in sales_order_grid (main table). Here is my code

protected function _renderFiltersBefore()
    $joinTable = $this->getTable('sales_order');
    $joinTable_track = $this->getTable('sales_shipment_track');
    $this->getSelect()->joinLeft($joinTable, 'main_table.entity_id = sales_order.entity_id', ['shipping_description']);
    $this->getSelect()->joinLeft($joinTable_track, 'main_table.entity_id = sales_shipment_track.order_id', ['track_number']);

Is it possible to use shipping_information from sales_order_grid table without making a join? Cause i'm getting this error

Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'increment_id' in where clause is ambiguous, query was: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `sales_order_grid` AS `main_table`

I added this function

protected function _initSelect()  {

  $this->addFilterToMap('increment_id', 'main_table.increment_id');
  $this->addFilterToMap('status', 'main_table.status');
  return $this; 


This fixed the issue but i don't like to add filter to map to all the fields.

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