What is the best practice to bulk import attributes values. How to do it by hit tables?

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There are many style of import bulk value in magento 2.

1.) Export the csv file. And export csv file only two field like sku field and your attribute field and save two files csv. Again import the modified csv file import.

This is Example is how to import csv file :-


2.) And second Using SQL

select * from eav_attribute where attribute_code='your_attribute_code'; it will give you id of that attribute

select * from catalog_product_entity_decimal where attribute_id=82 // find that attribute value

update catalog_product_entity_decimal set value='' where attribute_id=82 and value='0.3'

3.) Follow this steps :-

  • Navigate to Catalog > Products
  • Select multiple products for which you want to update the product attribute value.
  • From the mass action drop-down menu, select “Update Attributes
  • Change the value of product attribute by clicking on “Change” checkbox Click “Save

Check this :-

enter image description here

And Finally your question is what is best practice to bulk import attribute values.i think third options is best.


  • Using SQL how to update bulk value, my attribute values count is 1000
    – zus
    Aug 4, 2020 at 3:37
  • Please check my answer i have already added. Aug 4, 2020 at 16:13

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