In Magento When assigning products to (new) websites programmatically do I need to run an index and which one?

When using

Mage::getModel('catalog/product_website')->addProducts(array($set_to_store_id), $product->getId());
  1. Can I then programmatically trigger an index? (for the current $product)

  2. And if I would want to do it in the backend which index is it?


You need to do this reindexing programmatically :


If you want to do from admin, then you can also do it.

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  • Suppose I update the product. How can I mark the product as changed for this particular index (only) and make sure it gets reindexed. – snh_nl Aug 3 at 12:40
  • Or does the update using above code already trigger indexing implicitly – snh_nl Aug 3 at 12:42
  • you can try above thing, so you will get idea. – Dhiren Vasoya Aug 4 at 4:44

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