I am getting the error message "We don't have as many of some products as you want" while adding the product to cart.

Help me to resolve this.

  • please check products quantity are available or not for that particular product from magento admin backend. – Hitesh Balpande Jul 30 at 15:14
  • I checked. It is available. I set it as 1000. But still don't know why it is showing like that – Kowsigan Atsayam Jul 30 at 15:15
  • We set it as no manage stock for that product because it is a sample product for main product. – Kowsigan Atsayam Jul 30 at 15:16
  • may you need to reindex command – Hitesh Balpande Jul 30 at 15:16
  • reindex also done. – Kowsigan Atsayam Jul 30 at 15:21

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