I'm upgrading my development migration to 2.4. I was surprised to see that 2FA was enabled. Can this be turned off?

I have enough issues to deal with and prefer not to go through this learning curve. I prefer not to be forced to add apps to my phone so that I may get into the admin. I would prefer the ability to make the decision to add this at production time.


You can disable the 2FA module with

bin/magento module:disable Magento_TwoFactorAuth

This will let you login to admin normally until you have done your own risk assessments and set your security policy for Magento admin login.

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Securing your Magento Admin account. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now required for the Magento Admin. Admin users must first configure their 2FA before logging into the Admin through either the UI or a web API. 2FA is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. This extra step of authentication makes it harder for malicious users to log in to the Admin without authorization.


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you can disable using this command :

php bin/magento module:disable Magento_TwoFactorAuth 
php bin/magento cache:flush
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