I want to show custom message under shipping method section.

when address changes message also change/remove.

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for example: When custom select Columbia addess I want to show custom notice/message

again when select india address message will be removed.

Can Any one please guide me which js and html I Need to work.

Note:: You can guide on vendor files changes I will manage override.

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The template you are looking for:


The file with JS you are looking for:


Take a look at getCountryName(address().countryId) in the template. I guess you can use this to determine which country is set for selected address by customer.

Hope this helps!


You can initialize component from checkout_index_index.xml or script from calling in the phtml

<script type="text/x-magento-init">
            "*": {
                "VL_Checkout/js/customComponent": {
                    "ajaxUrl" : "<?= $block->getAjaxUrl(); ?>"

you can now create a customComponent.js as below

    function($, ko, Component, checkoutData ,quote , messageList) {
        'use strict';

        return Component.extend({
            initialize: function() {
                self = this;
                quote.shippingAddress.subscribe(function (value) {
                    // add you logic and compair the address.
                            messageList.addErrorMessage({ message: "you custom Message" });

Now you can subscribe to the address changes and add your own code there for providing user message you can use the messageList and provide your message.

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