For the sake of clarity, I will try to describe my configuration as precisely as possible.

  • Magento 2.3.5-p1
  • NGINX + FPM - PHP 7.3
  • Varnish -> Full page cache
  • Redis -> Session Cache
  • CDN -> CloudFront with Same distribution for each domain
  • Theme -> Porto Child Theme for each domain

two domain names :

  • domain1.com => Main domain through which I also access the administration
  • domain2.com => Secondary domain created in a second step

These two domains point to the same server (type A redirection), and Nginx takes care of sending each domain to its website.

In the back office, two websites have been created, each with its own "Store" and "Store Views".

In store -> settings -> configuration -> General -> Web -> Base URL


In store -> settings -> configuration -> General -> Web -> Base URL (Secure)

The links have been well provided.

All redirections are working properly. When I access domain1.com or domain2.com, I have the right site appearing.

Now come the problem :

On domain1.com => NO PROBLEM.

On domain2.com => Path of images / CSS / JS, not working properly.

Instead of having :


I have :


Result : Don't working due to CSP restrictions. I could easily solve the problem by putting domain1.com on my white list.

But this is not a suitable solution for me. Indeed, I would like to say:

  • That the right domain is used, namely domain2.com instead of domain1.com.
  • Even better, let it go through the CDN like on domain1.com !

On the other hand, it should be noted that some files pass well on the CDN.

Really not knowing where to look for this problem, I turn to you to try to find a solution.

I thank you in advance for all your comments, help, and suggestions that can help me solve this problem.

  • well it looks like your media URl path is not redirecting for the requested site check in your database in core_config table about media path confirm that may be that helps comment if this helps – Asad Ullah Jul 28 '20 at 15:38

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