I have an issue with migrating a store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. All the data seems to be properly migrated, I can see all the products and associated images and categories in the backend and frontend. The issue is when I try to open the product page the HTML content is not shown. It's not a 404, when looking at the source, the header data is correct for the item. The issue is with the body, it doesn't populate it with data.

Comparing to a working Magento 2 product page, it is missing both scripts and the html elements that should be in the body.

This it the end of the product page source:

<body data-container="body"
         data-mage-init='{"loaderAjax": {}, "loader": { "icon": ""}}'
       itemtype="http://schema.org/Product" itemscope="itemscope" class="catalog-product-view product-kanister-5-l page-layout-no-layout-updates">

The issue persists no matter what theme I use.

Any ideas what to investigate?

  • Managed to solve the issue by running the following: update catalog_product_entity_varchar set value=NULL where attribute_id=107; Jul 24, 2020 at 18:28

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More specifically, it could be about layout setting of your theme. Or if you have integrated third party modules, try to disable them and fix the problem.


The issue was with a broken reference. Even though I was using the same theme, it completely blocked rendering of the product page.

I managed to fix it by editing the DB, catalog_product_entity_varchar table with the following: update catalog_product_entity_varchar set value=NULL where attribute_id=107

If you have similar issue, try and create a new product manually and compare the db entry.

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