I want to create a Store programatically, but if it already exists, then return the existing store. So far my code looks like this:

private function _getStore($website, $storeName, $storeCode)
    try {
        if ($store = $this->storeRepository->get($storeCode)) {
            $groupId = $store->getStoreGroupId();
            return $this->groupRepository->get($groupId);
    } catch (\Exception $e) {}

    if ($website->getId() && !empty($storeName) && !empty($storeCode)) {
        /** @var \Magento\Store\Model\Group $group */
        $group = $this->groupFactory->create();
        return $group;
    return null;

When I create the store for the first time with the store code my_store it works fine; I can see that it is logged in store_group table.

The second time I run it I am expecting it to give me the store thanks to $this->storeRepository->get($storeCode) but it doesn't find the store... I know this because if I remove the try/catch it will return an exception:

The store that was requested wasn't found. Verify the store and try again.

So how would I check if the store already exists by code?

Can someone please explain the difference between store and group?

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How would I check if the store already exists by code?

Your approach is correct.

Example Code :

try {
} catch (NoSuchEntityException $nsee) {
    // Requested store doesn't exist

Difference between store and group

If you will see grid under Stores -> All Stores, you will see three columns Web Site, Store and Store View
Web Site is mapped to the store_website table in the database.
Store is mapped to the store_group table in the database.
Store View is mapped to the store table in the database.

So, the $group is nothing but the store_group which is the representation of the store entity only.

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