Hello I have Downloaded MAMP and Magento using but Can't INSTALL!

First I used this download magento,

composer create-project --repository-url=https://repo.magento.com/ magento/project-community-edition=2.3.0 .

(I have php version 7.2)

My problem comes from Magento installation protocol, first the setup/landing page is missing.

I have tried command line and I receive parameter validation, and "the sever requested authentication unknown to client errors.

It sounds like I need to make a database? my magento2 folder is in /applications/htdocs/magento2.

Is that where I will attach or save my db? If so how can I create a blank one using the terminal on mac? If i need it.

I used tried using this command to install

bin/magento setup:install --base-url= \
--db-host=localhost --db-name=magento --db-user=root --db-password=root@123 \
--admin-firstname=first --admin-lastname=last --admin-email=abc@gmail.com \
--admin-user=admin --admin-password=admin@123

However I receive this error https://imgur.com/8xZJRKr


I'm on MacOS... any help getting started would be WELCOMED and GREATLY appreciated!!!



You can create database from the terminal on MAC running MAMP with these steps

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql -u root -p

Enter your password at the prompt to connect to mysql. When connected to MySQL shell, run the code below to create your database.

create database magento;

Run the magento installation script again

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