I have a text like this:

To contact us please email us at [email protected], will be waiting!

when the user clicked on the email it will redirect the user to mail link, using phtml i can easily achieve it like this:

 <?= __("To contact us please email us at %1, will be waiting!",'<a href="[email protected]">[email protected]</a>') ?>

but i have trouble on putting this in knockout HTML file, because i don't know if it can support like that, it needs to be translated with this format:

XXXXXXXXX ZZZZZZ VVVVV [email protected]

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You can use the html binding:

<p data-bind="html: textlink"></p>

Whatever exists in 'texlink' (can be a variable or string) would come translated.


you can follow the below link to translate the word in html file

translation in html file

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