What is the best way to Configure Docker environment with Magento 2.4. If some know please give me a solution.


You can use these files to setup you docker environment easy to use visit link - https://github.com/markoshust/docker-magento

I hope so it will help you.


You can use the following docker image


, it is already optimized to run magento 2.4.

Although you will also need elasticsearch 7


I use MeanBee docker for Magento 2: https://github.com/meanbee/docker-magento2 I hope this will help you.


You can use these repo https://github.com/echo-magento/docker-magento2


  • Magento 2.4
  • Apache
  • PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3
  • Xdebug
  • Composer 1.10.17
  • MariaDB 10.4.13
  • Elasticsearch 7.6
  • Varnish 6.4
  • Redis
  • MailHog
  • n98-magerun

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