Im using sales_order_place_before event and want to execute some javascript when my observer executes.

 public function execute(\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer)
    $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();
    //add something here

note:do not use object manager!

  • javascript is a client side language while observer is being run at server side. You cannot run a client side script in your server side observer. Jul 18, 2020 at 18:07
  • thanks for the answer but it can be possible like this: $layout = Mage::app()->getLayout(); $layout->getUpdate()->addUpdate(' reference name="head"> <block type="core/text" name="myjs"> <action method="setText"><text><![CDATA[<script type="text/javascript"> //code goes here </script>]]></text></action> </block> </reference>'); $layout->getUpdate()->load(); $layout->generateXml(); Jul 19, 2020 at 11:44
  • Hello @nihal, do we have solution for this? Pls update as answer, Thanks Oct 9, 2020 at 8:03


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