I have added a Contact form in a CMS Contact page.

  • added Layout Update XML section
  • added vendor/magento/module-contact/views/frontend/templates/contact.phtml
  • vendor/magento/module-contact/controller/index/post.php commented the default redirect at line number 90 & added : $this->_redirect('my_cms_contact.html');

Although on Success captcha, form is submitted and flash message seen on same cms page. However, when wrong captcha is submitted it redirects to /Contact/index/index

How to redirect to my_cms_contact.html & show flash message, when wrong captcha is entered.

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The captcha check for the contact us page is in this file - vendor\magento\module-captcha\Observer\CheckContactUsFormObserver.php

Also, you are making the changes directly in the core files which is not a recommended method. It would be better if you override it as it would be easier while performing the Magento version upgrade process.

Thank you.

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