I'm submit my extension in Magento Marketplace. I have checked all the functionality is working also check in Magento 2 coding standard but face one issue in QA Review.

I'm face below issue

I'm fill up form and upload image & save in admin in check in front end it will display only after cache flush.

Can anyone tell me how can I display that form without cache flush. I know about cacheable=false but it also not accepted by Magento Marketplace.

Please suggest me a way how can I successfully pass my extension from QA.

Thanks in advance.

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    As per I know there is nothing wrong about flushing the cache from admin.Second if your using the cacheable = false remove it instead look for other option. I was facing the same issue what I found was that I was using Session Model instead of SessionFactory . This is just a scenario. You have to check in deep about the code and can not give you exact solution as code is not available. – Tanmay Jul 15 at 16:46
  • @Tanmay, Thanks for your reply. I will check & let you know if it's work. – Sanjay Gohil Jul 16 at 5:23

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