Last week, we moved from the Cryozonic Stripe modules to the newest Stripe Payments module in response to the reported security vulnerabilities. One functionality change we've noticed is that invoices are no longer automatically generated when an order is completed online. I'm wondering if I'm overlooking any configuration settings that could relate to this, or if I'd need to introduce some custom code?

Any thoughts would be very helpful, thank you.

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Invoices would be generated when a payment is collected. If the Stripe module is configured with a payment action of "Authorize Only", the invoice must be manually created from the Magento admin area as explained at https://stripe.com/docs/plugins/magento/admin#capturing-invoices. If you need to create an invoice before the payment is collected, you will find a setting in the module configuration that looks like so:

enter image description here

The above only apply for card payments. For redirect-based payment methods, invoices will be created when a payment succeeded webhook arrives to your website, so make sure that webhooks are correctly configured.

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