I am using the base64_decode() and base64_encode() in my code but PHPCS says

The use of function base64_decode() is discouraged so what's the equivalence of this core PHP function in Magento2?

  • There is literally no wrapper class for this function, closest you can go is \Magento\Framework\Serialize\Serializer\Serialize which json decode and base_64decode the string simultaneously, classic case of Magento being Magento. – Vivek Kumar Aug 4 '20 at 7:24

Magento does not have equivalence function of base64_decode() and base64_encode() method.

Using phpcs:ignore you can use these two methods.Like Below

// phpcs:ignore Magento2.Functions.DiscouragedFunction
// phpcs:ignore Magento2.Security.LanguageConstruct.ExitUsage

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