For backend - both in the 'Media Gallery' and 'insert file' the thumbs are not being shown. Broken links are being shown.

  1. I have tried resetting all the file and folder permissions - no change
  2. I have tried enabling the WYSIWYG editor - no change
  3. I have tried creating a WYSIWYG folder in the Media folder - no change

The images show on the frontend without any problems. Using 2.3.5-p1 on Cloudways hosting. I have added a picture and the code relating to one of the Thumbs..

<div data-row="file" class="filecnt" id="d2FzaHJvb20uanBn" data-size="135749" data-mime-type="image/jpeg"> <p class="nm" style="height:75px;"> <img src="https://www.Samplecode.co.uk/pub/media/.thumbscatalog/category/washroom.jpg?rand=1594639661" alt="washroom.jpg"> </p> <small>1491x965 px.</small><br> <small>washroom.jpg</small> </div>

picture showing thumbs not showing

  • Update: I have discovered this is due to a server rule blocking folders which start with a '.' I have asked cloudways help to change the rule. Jul 13, 2020 at 16:34

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Did you find a solution to this with Cloudways? I seem to be having the same discussion with Cloudways support and they cant find the solution.


By default, all servers on Cloudways blocks access for directories whose name starts with "." except .well-known folder.

Exception is required for .thumbs and .thumbswysiwyg in nginx configuration file in order to show thumbs images

Just ask support to allow it in /etc/nginx/additional_server_conf by replacing this piece of code

location ~ /.(?!well-known/|*).*$ { deny all; }


location ~ /.(?!well-known/|thumbs/|thumbswysiwyg/).*$ { deny all; }

Restart nginx service and it will Work!

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