For backend - both in the 'Media Gallery' and 'insert file' the thumbs are not being shown. Broken links are being shown.

  1. I have tried resetting all the file and folder permissions - no change
  2. I have tried enabling the WYSIWYG editor - no change
  3. I have tried creating a WYSIWYG folder in the Media folder - no change

The images show on the frontend without any problems. Using 2.3.5-p1 on Cloudways hosting. I have added a picture and the code relating to one of the Thumbs..

<div data-row="file" class="filecnt" id="d2FzaHJvb20uanBn" data-size="135749" data-mime-type="image/jpeg"> <p class="nm" style="height:75px;"> <img src="https://www.Samplecode.co.uk/pub/media/.thumbscatalog/category/washroom.jpg?rand=1594639661" alt="washroom.jpg"> </p> <small>1491x965 px.</small><br> <small>washroom.jpg</small> </div>

picture showing thumbs not showing

  • Update: I have discovered this is due to a server rule blocking folders which start with a '.' I have asked cloudways help to change the rule. – Andrew Griffiths Jul 13 '20 at 16:34

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