I am trying to create & store custom cache using script in magento 1. Is their any way we can implement it ?


create your own cache type by declaring the following in your config.xml

            <custom translate="label,description" module="module">
                <label>Custom Cache</label>
                <description>This is my custom cacge</description>
            </custom >

Hope This Helps!

Update: For more details refer to this link https://magently.com/blog/custom-cache-in-magento/ Update:- Retrieving Data


Deleting Cache


Checking If Cache Is Enabled

Mage::app()->useCache('collection');  //check if cache group is enabled or not
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  • Thankyou for the answer, but i also want to store data in it. – Hamendra Sunthwal Jul 10 at 5:40
  • wait am putting a source link in my ans now checkout the links – Chikku Jul 10 at 5:42
  • Let me try into script :) – Hamendra Sunthwal Jul 10 at 5:45
  • yeah sure give it a try – Chikku Jul 10 at 5:47
  • @Chiiku How can i make sure that custom cache is created & stored ? – Hamendra Sunthwal Jul 10 at 5:52

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