I know that we can use custom options to add form fields to a specific product page on frontend, but i want a textarea which should be displayed on front for all products on the product page.Currently using custom options will require to create it for all products, but i was such an option which is shown at front end automatically. When a customer enter any data to that textarea, that data will be shown in the order information, just like the custom options.

Any help and idea will be appreciated.

Thank you

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You can create inside form of product page your input:

1- Add your text area in product Page

  <textarea rows="4" cols="50" name="textOpt">

When you add the product in cart you can see the headers:


2- Extend Cart Controller

require_once 'Mage/Checkout/controllers/CartController.php';

class NameSpace_ModuleName_CartController extends Mage_Checkout_CartController {

public function addAction()
    if (!$this->_validateFormKey()) {
    $cart   = $this->_getCart();
    $params = $this->getRequest()->getParams();
    try {
        if (isset($params['qty'])) {
            $filter = new Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized(
                array('locale' => Mage::app()->getLocale()->getLocaleCode())
            $params['qty'] = $filter->filter($params['qty']);

        $product = $this->_initProduct();
        $related = $this->getRequest()->getParam('related_product');

         * Check product availability
        if (!$product) {
        /* Custom Params*/
        //Create custom option
        $additionalOptions = array(array(
           'code' => 'my_code',
           'label' => 'This text is displayed through additional options',
           'value' =>  $this->getRequest()->getParam('textOpt');
        //Add Custom Option to product
            'code' => 'additional_options',
             'value' => serialize($additionalOptions),
        $cart->addProduct($product, $params);
        if (!empty($related)) {
            $cart->addProductsByIds(explode(',', $related));



         * @todo remove wishlist observer processAddToCart
            array('product' => $product, 'request' => $this->getRequest(), 'response' => $this->getResponse())

        if (!$this->_getSession()->getNoCartRedirect(true)) {
            if (!$cart->getQuote()->getHasError()) {
                $message = $this->__('%s was added to your shopping cart.', Mage::helper('core')->escapeHtml($product->getName()));
    } catch (Mage_Core_Exception $e) {
        if ($this->_getSession()->getUseNotice(true)) {
        } else {
            $messages = array_unique(explode("\n", $e->getMessage()));
            foreach ($messages as $message) {

        $url = $this->_getSession()->getRedirectUrl(true);
        if ($url) {
        } else {
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        $this->_getSession()->addException($e, $this->__('Cannot add the item to shopping cart.'));


3- Verify Options

this modification will work on all products. You can validate that the parameter exists to prevent the options are created

What you are looking for is not actually a product option, but more a order comment for each product on the product view page.

What you basically need to do is:

  1. create an order item attribute
  2. store the text, entered on the product page, to the quote item
  3. convert the quote items: sales_convert_quote_item_to_order_item event should be your friend for this

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