I want to connect Magento 2.3.5 to MSSQL database to export records about new orders like (product ID - Quantity sold - price - customer information) So what are my options?

Before I post this question I found many solutions, but I don't know if it's will work or no? Microsoft Flow Blend.co PDO connector

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If you are doing this in order to have some sort of integration with a different system (for example an internal site /ERP) I strongly advise you not to work directly with Magento 2 database.

You should use the REST Webservices Magento provides and store the information you need in MSSQL.

In our case we created a C# library just for that purpose, to integrate the Orders / Products / Customer in our internal ERP.

You can find information on all webservices that are available out of the box in Magento here:


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  • No ptoblem if you need any help let me know :)
    – Joao71
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