My website checkout page is https://mywebsite.com/checkout/

Could anyone please tell me where is this page in my magento directory

Because i want to add some code in checkout page . Currently i have 2 payment gateway. I want to hide one payment gateway some time based on some conditions .

for example i have to execute the following code in my checkout page

$items = $cart->getItems();
            $ter = 0;
            foreach($items as $item){
                $attribute1 = $item->getProduct()->getData('mynewattribute');
            and some code 
  • please provide screenshots rather than links that way we can see what you mean without having to go through some untrusted https link, the conditions whether or not to show a payment method should be handleble in the payment gateway module btw. i have been working on a payment gateway module and it hides whenever the currency is not whatever it's supported currency is
    – Fuseteam
    Oct 21, 2020 at 13:35


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