We would like to develop a PWA storefront with Nuxt.js. Vue Storefront for Magento 2 doesn't utilize Nuxt.js and it will be many months (or longer) before Vue Storefront Next (the version built with Nuxt.js) supports Magento.

Some options we have seen include:

VueFront looks interesting, but it appears to be a much smaller project than Vue Storefont. Any thoughts on it?

Are there other Nuxt.js options we should consider?

BTW, our store is very non-standard. We cannot use Vue Storefront without heavy customization.

What is our best path for developing a Magento PWA frontend in Nuxt.js at this time? Our timeline dictates that we have to start development now.

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You can use ScandiPWA https://github.com/scandipwa/scandipwa-base to develop PWA store.

You can install pre-build PWA theme https://github.com/scandipwa/base-theme

Installation details here https://docs.scandipwa.com/docs/installation/on-existing-m2/

Currently ScandiPWA support magento 2.3.x except 2.3.4.

  • Thanks, but that's not based on Nuxt.js. > ScandiPWA is based on React and utilizes GraphQL API of Magento 2.3.
    – MountainX
    Commented Jul 4, 2020 at 5:50

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