I need to get the attribute code by attribute id with rest api. This is needed for configurable product. I get the configurable product data:

  "extension_attributes": {
        "website_ids": [
        "configurable_product_options": [
                "id": 2568,
                "attribute_id": "253",
                "label": "Size",
                "position": 0,
                "values": [
                        "value_index": 1847
                        "value_index": 1844
                        "value_index": 1845
                "product_id": 25539
        "configurable_product_links": [

The 'configurable_product_options' has no attribute_code, I need it to find the value of the value_index which is the option id. How to get the attribute_code?

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Magento 2 Provide the rest API to get the product attributes value and its option

you can try this API catalogProductAttributeRepositoryV1 and you can pass the attribute_id instead of the attribute_code.

enter image description here

I hope this is helpful to you!!

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