I am currently trying to install Magento 2 on my hosting package (shared), and have some trouble here with Chmod.

On Magento Webpage it is being said, that you have to change Chmod permissions pre-installation: https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.4/install-gde/prereq/file-system-perms.html

So, I log in via PuTTy, use the user-name I was given by hosting provider (+ password) and try to run the commands, but what I get are two issues:

a) Algthough I am in the root folder of my website, I get the message: Folder (...) not found - Why? I installed and unzipped all into the root folder, so it must be there. Also when I search for it via Is command, I get something like: No data

b) Still he runs the commands; what I then get is the message: Not Owner And this is strange. I have used the main username given to me, But I am still not the owner of the content?!

Any clues?

Thanks very much.



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