I am running a Magento 2 store. It has one Default store for the main domain and the second store for the other location/language. I have different prices for same product across 2 stores.

Suddenly a day, I see the price on second store is showing as the price in default store. I checked the log files but nothing to find. Can someone advice what could cause this and how to prevent this.

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You Should Set prices for all Stores , Once all attributes set for default values then in left side select other store where you want to change price or title Also you can see this How to setup different prices for same product for magento 2 store view?

  • I have setup the price, Setting up is no issue. I will mass update the price through csv and running the script for 2 different store. But I am surprised to see the price for second store is showing as defauklt store price. Commented Jun 25, 2020 at 10:42

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