When i try to create new product it showing below error

"DDL statements are not allowed in transactions"

I have done research and found that in "vendor/magento/framework/DB/Adapter/Pdo/Mysql.php"

protected $_ddlRoutines = ['alt', 'cre', 'ren', 'dro', 'tru'];

if (in_array($startSql, $this->_ddlRoutines) && strcasecmp($sqlMessage[1], 'temporary') !== 0) {
                throw new ConnectionException(AdapterInterface::ERROR_DDL_MESSAGE, E_USER_ERROR);

It give error for this query "ALTER TABLE catalog_product_entity_tmp_indexer ADD PRIMARY KEY (entity_id)".

Simply it checks if sql starts with ALT and and its not temporary it throws error.

Any Idea why it happens.

Thanks Amit

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I got the same error while edit product and I have fixed it by updating indexer "Update On Save" to "Update On Schedule".


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