Salable Qty <> sum(sources)

No idea why. We are testing MSI and Backorders and have use the Ampersand extension to disable reservations. But nonetheless: how can salable qty be incorrect? and more importantly how can we force the system to recalculate it? ore reset it?

Question: Magento2 Salable Qty value is not correct how can we re-calculate this value? List inconsistencies? Fix it?

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You can check reservations inconsistencies with a command

php bin/magento inventory:reservation:list-inconsistencies

To compensate reservation manually

php bin/magento inventory:reservation:create-compensations

To prevent new reservations from being created, on the admin menu, tap Stores → Settings → Configuration, select Catalog → Inventory → Stock Options → Decrease Stock When Order → No.

All reservations are stored in inventory_reservation database table.

  • But there is not batch process that does this? In our M1 solution there was a watcher process that check for inconsistencies-every quarter or so there were 3 maybe 4 inconsistencies and we had to click the button and magento would recalculate all and make it sound again.
    – snh_nl
    Jul 1, 2020 at 6:48

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