I'm currently in the process of moving my website to Magento (and I'm new to it -- my apologies.)

On our current site we offer two or more formats of the same book at different prices.

Book A might be $18 for the paperback and $45 for the hardcover

Book B might be $20 for the paperback and $30 for the hardcover.

It's not an attribute add-on where I could add $10 to the paperback to get the price of the hardcover. I've found that absolute pricing works best.

So my questions:

  1. Should the hardcover and paperback be the same SKU?
  2. How do I identify the two prices for the two formats? I'm assuming it's attribute pricing, but I've not yet found a way to do it.
  3. Can the two formats share one product page?

Thanks so much!!



I believe what you are looking for is Custom Product Options. We use this on our site to avoid having to set up multiple products when in reality it's the same product with different "options".

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  • Thank you. I saw this, but I don't think it quite fits. The hardcover will have its own SKU as will the paperback. Additionally, I will definitely need to keep track of inventory for the books in-stock. But this is close to what I want! – Jeffrey Marks Jun 18 at 12:15

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