I can't figure out how add a product to the cart via a "querystring" with custom options in Magento 1.8. CE I do know about the form key but that hasen't helped me yet.

Here's what I have tried! But it always goes back to the product page and tells me that I have not provided the required option. http://mydomain.com/checkout/cart/add/product/8/qty/2/options[1]/2/form_key/1tIQKeqKeloqlBzL/

This on the other hand takes me to the shooping cart, but it's empty when I get there. http://mydomain.com/checkout/cart/add?product=[9]&qty=[3]&options[1]=[3]&form_key=[1tIQKeqKeloqlBzL]

Has someone solved this?

  • Are your custom options set to required or is this a wrong behaviour? I guess the product page shown with required options is correct if you have custom options required. Maybe this could help you: docs.magentocommerce.com/Mage_Catalog/… Aug 10, 2014 at 12:53
  • Where are you getting that fork key value from? Isn't it different for every session? I am trying to solve a similar problem where I need the form key in order to add a simple product to cart.
    – sparecycle
    Aug 19, 2014 at 16:02
  • Have you tried to log the POST request magento sends to the cart with FireBug?
    – Amasty
    Aug 22, 2014 at 23:25
  • @Amasty No that might do the trick ;)
    – 8bitcat
    Sep 2, 2014 at 8:03

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You can copy the code from the build in Wishlist module, that stores the $buyRequest variable. Actually it contains the custom options from the post/get request.

See app\code\core\Mage\Wishlist\controllers\IndexController.php , method _addItemToWishList and then cartAction function.

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