I searched a lot and i didn't find a way to to it. I need to create a coupon code that when it's applied gives a 100% discount based on Shipping Price selected.

I don't want to change the price of the shipping to $0. I want to give a discount in the same price of selected shipping method.

Example of Shopping Cart:

Products = $100
Shipping = $15

Final Price = $100

That way i can control how much the company spends with free shipping.

How can i do that ?

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I figered out a way to do it.

I did this recently with a sort of hackish use of the sales rule admin panel.

In your rule, under 'actions', in the panel 'Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions', create a condition that can never actually occur. I used "sub total" == '0'. As long as you have selected 'Apply to Shipping Amount', it will take the discount only from the shipping costs. It will not match any items in the cart, though.

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