I am setting up a book store with Magento. My client will be selling both e-books and printed books. I want to know if I can set up a product and the visitors will choose from the product's page what format they want it to buy: printed or digital. So if a visitor will pick up the printed version, he will pay the price of X$, fill in the order form and the book will be delivered to him. Instead if he will choose a digital book, after the payment he will be able to download the book. And no book will be delivered to him :)

Can Magento do this?

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Out of the box there are these product types to match your needs:

  • Downloadable products (the e-books in various formats)
  • Simple products (the printend book)
  • Configurable products (add simple products to a configurable one to select from options)

Per default you can just add simple products to configurable products. There is already an answer from David on how to add downloadable products to configurables: Associate a downloadable product to configurable product

What you will need to consider is how to match the different product attributes. The printed one might have attributes such as pages, cover, weight whereas the downloadable won't have them.

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